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Russian (USSR)
Стенд для настройки геометрий и актуаторов
Стенд для настройки геометрий и актуаторов QTZ0002
VISCOM FLOWBENCH EDITION | COMFORT Technical specifications: Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz - Current: 10A - Dimensions mm: L:1200 B:690 H:1430 - Weight : 240 kg Scope of supply: - complete TM-A Adaptersystem® (for about of all turbocharger types incl.) - Industrial PC - Windows Embedded (Industrie) on Board- Network Printer (Optional) - Monitor (Industrie Touchscreen 15“) - Records of over 650 turbocharger references on board- Internet on Board - Compressor fuse - Operating Manual - USB Update (optional)
Тестер-программатор эл.клапана турбокомпрессора
Тестер-программатор эл.клапана турбокомпрессора QTZ0006
The TP-TACT device is intended for testing the operation and programming of the range of work of electronic turbocharger controllers. With TP-TACT it is possible to perform the following tests: test of electronic controllers of turbochargers with wastegate test of electronic actuators of turbochargers with variable geometry (VTG, VNT). test of dc motors from turbocharger actuators, test of wastegate position sensors or variable geometry position sensors, test of solenoid valves controlling turbocharging pressure, used in pneumatic systems. Tests can be performed on the following actuators: HELLA actuators – used in many car makes, including: VW/Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Citroen, Land Rover, Dodge, Chevrolet. SIEMENS actuators – used in VW/Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche cars. MITSUBISHI actuators – used in BMW, Ford 2.2 TDCI, and PSA Group cars with 2.2 HDI engine. SONCEBOZ actuators – used in Land Rover 3.6 TDV8 and 2.7 TDV6, DENSO actuators – used in Toyota cars with 1.4 D-4D and 3.0 D-4D engines, MAHLE actuators – used in VW Group cars with 1.2 TSI engine. HITACHI actuators – used in Opel cars with 3.0 V6 CDTI 184HP engine. TP-TACT can also be used for reading and programming the range of lever movement of electronic turbocharger actuators. It can do the following things: read parameters of HELLA actuator operation save parameters of HELLA actuator operation copy HELLA actuators change the range of lever movement of HELLA actuator program the range of movement of SIEMENS actuator Programming the range of work concerns the following turbocharger actuators: HELLA actuators with the following markings: 712120 730314 781751 763797 SIEMENS actuators used in turbochargers meant for VW/Audi group cars with 2.7 TDI and 3.0 TDI engines. The TP-TACT device can be successfully used both in companies regenerating turbochargers, as well as in automobile repair shops that offer a wide range of repairs in order to diagnose the turbocharger fault. Contents of TP-TACT kit: TP-TACT tester HELLA connection cable (6NW 008 091, 6NW 008 412, 6NW 009 228, 6NW 009 420, 6NW 009 543, 6NW 009 660, 6NW 010 099-01) HELLA connection cable (6NW 009 206, 6NW 009 550, 6NW 009 483, 6NW 010 430-01, 6NW 010 430-03, 6NW 010 430-04) HELLA connection cable (6NW 010 099-02) MITSUBISHI connection cable for BMW MITSUBISHI connection cable for Ford/PSA SIEMENS connection cable for VW/Audi SIEMENS connection cable for Mercedes and BMW SONCEBOZ connection cable MAHLE connection cable DENSO connection cable for Toyota 1.4 D-4D DENSO connection cable for Toyota 3.0 D-4D HITACHI connection cable for Opel Vectra C/Signum 3.0 V6 geometry position sensor connection cable for VW/Audi (type 1) geometry position sensor connection cable for VW/Audi (type 2) geometry position sensor connection cable for Opel, Fiat, Alfa Romeo geometry position sensor connection cable for Citroen, Peugeot. geometry position sensor connection cable for Ford universal connection cable for: - DC motors - geometry position sensors - boost control solenoid valves DC power supply USB cable for firmware update CD-ROM with Updater tool User Manual
Программатор эл.клапана турбокомпрессора
Программатор эл.клапана турбокомпрессора QTZ0007
TURBO-PROG supports two types of turbo actuators: Hella, Siemens. For Hella actuators TURBO-PROG allows the user to : read actuator parameters, store actuator parameters in device internal memory, program actuator parameters, copy actuator parameters. The term 'actuator parameters' means the following information: actuator type, gearbox number of compatible gearbox, version of actuator firmware, range of operation of geometry lever. For Siemens actuators TURBO-PROG allows the user to : program range of operation of geometry lever, check range of movement of an actuator. Kit content TurboProg device, DC power supply, User Manual, Hella connection cable, Siemens connection cable, USB cable and Updater Tool
Тестер для диагностики эл. клапана турбокомпрессора
Тестер для диагностики эл. клапана турбокомпрессора QTZ0008
Тестер для диагностики эл. клапана турбокомпрессора QTZ0008
VNTT-PRO tester is designed to perform diagnosis of actuators (electric valves, DC motors) of VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) turbochargers. These actuators changes position of turbocharger vanes in the same way as in turbochargers where turbine geometry was changed using vacuum. Apart from testing electronic turbocharger units VNTT-PRO tester can be used to check variable geometry position sensors. These are found in turbines that use vacuum or pressure controlled pneumatic valve to change geometry position. They enable readout of variable geometry vanes opening percentage. The tester is also able to diagnose boost pressure valve operation. VNTT-PRO tester may be helpful in adjusting operating range of variable geometry. The device supports actuators manufactured by HELLA, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, SONCEBOZ, DENSO, MAHLE. The range covers significant part of the actuators currently used in automotive industry.
Вытяжка для стружки
Вытяжка для стружки QTZ0009
Вытяжка для стружки QTZ0009
MH FM230
Стенд для балансировки вала турбокомпрессора
Стенд для балансировки вала турбокомпрессора QZZ0003
CMT-47TRrotor balancing machine // Technical data: Rotor weight 5kg Recommended balancing speed; infinitely variable speed 2800rpm Maximum rotational speed 9000rpm Minimum achievable residual imbalance 0,02gmm Maximum rotor diameter 200mm Journal diameter 0,1gmm Distance between bearing centers od 4mm do 40mm Hard-bearing permanent calibration (no calibrations runs required) od 10mm do 300mm Machine weight 517kg Dimensions 1200x940x1600mm Safety guard, CE Foundation is not required; vibration isolators are applied
Стенд для балансировки картриджа турбокомпрессора
Стенд для балансировки картриджа турбокомпрессора QZZ0004
CMT-48 TWIN core assembly balancing machine // Technical data of CMT-48 VSR unit: Balancing speed up to 280.000rpm Min. achievable residual imbalance 0,005gmm Core assembly weight up to 10kg Oil pressure in lubrication system up to 4 bar Amount of air per measurement run 300l Air compressor pressure 8 bar General technical data of the both units: Machine weight 450kg Dimension 1450x1050x1400 Power supply 230v/50Hz Safety guard with CE Mark. Foundation is not required; vibration isolators are applied
Инструмент для балансировки турбокомпрессора
Инструмент для балансировки турбокомпрессора QZZ0005
Оборудование для мастерской (Турбокомпрессоры)
Оборудование для мастерской (Турбокомпрессоры)
Станок для регулировки турбокомпрессора
Станок для регулировки турбокомпрессора QZZ0010
Станок для регулировки турбокомпрессора QZZ0010
Станок для регулировки турбокомпрессора QZZ0010
TUR BenchFlow2000
The world’s first bench top VNT calibrator, with a compact design that combines efficiency and accuracy at a competitive price. The BenchFlow 2000 is packed full of all the essential features required by the turbo re-manufacturing industry, These include: 9? TFT LCD Widescreen with Resistive Touch Screen. Automatic Correction for Temperature, Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure. On-board Actuator Drivers for both pneumatic and electronic actuators. Pre-loaded comprehensive turbo template database. Auto Learn Cycle for bespoke and custom templates. User adjustable templates The BenchFlow 2000 is supported locally by our expanding network of international distributors. TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions – W 600 x D 650 x H 375 (mm) Weight – 52.5 Kg Power Supply – 110 – 240 VAC Single Phase 50 – 60 Hz Air Supply – 8mm O/D Push Fit – 5 Bar (min) 8 Bar (max) CONNECTIVITY USB 2.0 RJ45 Ethernet 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Easy access for downloading software and template updates and for connection to a dedicated or shared printer.